Briggs and Little

Mary Maxim recently offered some of its knit patterns for $0.99, online for digital download. One pattern was for a bulky sweater.

My mom used to knit bulky sweaters when I was small.  Me and my 5 siblings all had one.  I do not remember what designs she used, but the jackets were warm.  I ordered a few of my favourite bulky designs to knit in the near future.  So sentimental.  Yup, that`s me.

I also discovered and downloaded several more modern patterns.  One pattern that I really like is the Diamond Coat – No. 4341-2-3N.  Pattern can be found here:

The pattern reminded me of sweater coats that I saw in Ireland, only closures (buttons) are located at the neck.  I think this sweater coat would look fantastic with a belt at the waist. Although I paid for the pattern, I wanted to change a few things and make it my own.

Diamond Coat

I made changes to the pattern as follows:

  1. Instead of Mary Maxim Bulky, I used 2 strands of Ice yarns (70% Merino, 30% Acrylic), one strand was dark grey and the other was dark purple.  I really like the combination.
  2. I moved the diamond pattern from the front of both the left and the right pieces to the sides, under the arms.
  3. I changed the pockets.  Instead of the patch pockets, I knit a pocket for each side, which I inserted into the side seams.  I knit a k1,p1 band on each side seam of the front, where I wanted to place the pockets.
  4. The pattern calls for a k1,p1 band on the front edge of each front pieces.  Instead, I knit 5 rows of Seed stitch.
  5. Instead of the diamond pattern up each sleeve, I knit 2 plain sleeves.  I also changed the cuff bands from Garter stitch, to Seed Stitch.
  6. The pattern calls for a Garter stitch collar.  Instead, I used a Seed stitch.
Photo of the top
The band
The diamond pattern at the arm
My own style pocket
Collar folded down
Picture of the buttons

If I use this pattern again, I will change the pattern for the sleeves.  I found that the sleeves were smaller than the opening and that they looked more like raglan sleeves than set in sleeves.

Consider a pattern as a guideline.  Make changes to suit your taste or that of your clients.  Every time you knit the pattern, you can make one or more changes, to produce a one of a kind item.


Just remember to knit a 4×4 swatch to check your tension before you start the project.