Welcome to Nanny’s Trunk of Treasures I’m happy to relaunch my blog. My husband was very ill for the past few years. I was not able to make myself write. However, thank the Lord, I know how to knit. I carried my knitting to many visits he had to doctors and to hospitals. That commitment to knitting kept my hands busy and the concentration on the work kept my mind occupied. Since retiring from teaching, I have been working on improving my skills in knitting and sewing, among other crafts. Living on the North Coast of Labrador requires super warm clothes as well as dressing in layers. I have knit — many pairs of socks and mittens, caps, hats, sweaters, neck warmers, caplets, boot liners…… I have sewn coats, dresses, ….. For many years, the only reliable source of clothing, including underwear and socks was the Sears catalog. What can I do for my readers? Although I am retired, I love helping others learn. In my blogs, my plan is to help those interested in learning to knit….. Recommend Design Create Teach